Preparing for Number 2

So it turns out that preparation for baby number 2 is about a million miles away from preparing for number 1! I’m 35 weeks now, so just 5 weeks left to go until my due date, but my preparation is nowhere near where it was at this stage last time.

Hospital Bag

I haven’t given my hospital bag any thought at all. I can’t remember what I took last time, let alone whether I used it all. I’ll be off to have a look at some other bloggers posts on the subject to start to put my list together and then get on and put it together.

These are a couple of useful posts on hospital bag essentials which I’ve saved to read.

Edspire, Unique and Chic, Oh So Gawjess


So up until a month ago the nursery was also known as the junk room. You know the one, after you move house, where all the junk you don’t know what to do with goes in. It was a mammoth task one weekend to get it organised and cleared. Which we did. But then we started buying things for bump and its got full again! It feels too soon to take everything out of boxes but its looking a mess again. I need to rearrange things so that the clothes I’ve bought can be sorted and put away properly. I need to see what I’ve got so I can see what (if anything) I still need to buy.


Baby number 2 is a boy and we are really struggling with names. I think that boys names are harder than girls and we seem to be having a lot more debates about names this time than last. We have 2 possibles now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with something completely different by the time baby arrives.


We have moved house twice since L was born and what with the miscarriages we suffered and the very real possibility that we were going to stop at one baby, we didn’t keep much of the baby stuff from last time. I sold our pushchairs, bouncers, seats, high chair, play mats and much more at my favourite nearly new sales and baby markets. Which means we need to start again this time. I’ve managed to buy quite a bit second hand or with vouchers which has been great. Doubling up Tesco Clubcard points to spend at Tesco Direct has been fantastic for some of the bigger items.

So all in all, with just 5 weeks to go I’m not feeling terribly prepared. I also need to organise the house a bit, and fill the freezer with batch cooked food, oh and buy a present for L to give to the baby, and for baby to give to her.

Watch this space for updates!

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What’s in a list?

First, a quick update on Operation Back to Work! I’m ploughing on steadily with the house tidying and de-cluttering. I’ve been eBaying, donating to the charity shop and Freecycling lots of excess clutter. I’m also doing quite well with the ironing mountain – thank goodness for 4OD and the BBC Iplayer which are keeping me sane! Christmas and meal planning have been on the back burner as last week Pumpkin was poorly for the week and we found ourselves in coping mode! But all is well again and my cheeky little pumpkin is back to health so I can carry on.

One of the most important tools that I use to get organised is a To Do List. Writing a to do list is a great way of focussing my mind and making sure I achieve what I need to. Here are some top tips on writing to do lists.

  • Make it fun. I like to write my lists on some fun stationery (I am using this pad at the moment). I use coloured pens to write my tasks and cross them off when they are done! It might seem daft but it makes me smile! 
  • Make it achievable. Don’t set yourself up to fail. My pad has space for 16 items on it and I would never want a list to be longer than that. I like my lists to be completed in a short space of time (a daily list or a tasks to complete this weekend) so you get the satisfaction of completing it.
  • Break down tasks. I get real motivation from crossing items off my lists so I like to break down big tasks into smaller chunks. For example my daily list today includes laundry so I have listed sorting washing and loading the machine as one task, and hanging up the wet washing to dry as another.
  • Add some me-time. Most parents have a hard time making time for themselves. Add some ‘me-time’ activities to your to do list and make them as much of a priority as the chores. I’m reading a fabulous book at the moment (The Midwife’s Confession by Diane Chamberlain since you ask!). I want to make time for a couple of chapters later on so I added it to my list  along with a visit to the gym.
  • Keep the list visible. I keep my lists on the desk next to me or if I am out and about I keep it in my pocket so I can check it at any time. Make sure you review the list often and enjoy ticking off the tasks as you complete them.
  • Life happens. Life happens is the phrase I use to myself when plans go out the window. Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself  and accept that sometimes the best laid plans go wrong. Last week when my daughter was ill I hardly achieved anything around the house but instead I comforted my poorly daughter which was a much bigger priority than the housework. You can always move the housework to tomorrow’s list!

Hope these tips are useful. Let me know what you think of to do lists in the comments. Maybe you are like me and can’t live without them, or maybe you keep it all in your head.

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