Preparing for Number 2

So it turns out that preparation for baby number 2 is about a million miles away from preparing for number 1! I’m 35 weeks now, so just 5 weeks left to go until my due date, but my preparation is nowhere near where it was at this stage last time.

Hospital Bag

I haven’t given my hospital bag any thought at all. I can’t remember what I took last time, let alone whether I used it all. I’ll be off to have a look at some other bloggers posts on the subject to start to put my list together and then get on and put it together.

These are a couple of useful posts on hospital bag essentials which I’ve saved to read.

Edspire, Unique and Chic, Oh So Gawjess


So up until a month ago the nursery was also known as the junk room. You know the one, after you move house, where all the junk you don’t know what to do with goes in. It was a mammoth task one weekend to get it organised and cleared. Which we did. But then we started buying things for bump and its got full again! It feels too soon to take everything out of boxes but its looking a mess again. I need to rearrange things so that the clothes I’ve bought can be sorted and put away properly. I need to see what I’ve got so I can see what (if anything) I still need to buy.


Baby number 2 is a boy and we are really struggling with names. I think that boys names are harder than girls and we seem to be having a lot more debates about names this time than last. We have 2 possibles now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with something completely different by the time baby arrives.


We have moved house twice since L was born and what with the miscarriages we suffered and the very real possibility that we were going to stop at one baby, we didn’t keep much of the baby stuff from last time. I sold our pushchairs, bouncers, seats, high chair, play mats and much more at my favourite nearly new sales and baby markets. Which means we need to start again this time. I’ve managed to buy quite a bit second hand or with vouchers which has been great. Doubling up Tesco Clubcard points to spend at Tesco Direct has been fantastic for some of the bigger items.

So all in all, with just 5 weeks to go I’m not feeling terribly prepared. I also need to organise the house a bit, and fill the freezer with batch cooked food, oh and buy a present for L to give to the baby, and for baby to give to her.

Watch this space for updates!

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All Change

Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mummy. I would play with my dollies, dressing them, feeding them, taking them for walks. They all had names and I dreamed of the day I would have a real baby of my own. Since Pumpkin was born, I have of course had a real reality check. Looking after a real baby is not something you can ever prepare for! But I love it all the same.

When I went back to my career in November, I realised very quickly that I wasn’t happy. I suddenly found the corporate world very shallow and discovered that my own career aspirations had gone out the window. All that mattered to me was that my little baby girl was happy and healthy, and that I was there to witness her grow up.

So since Christmas hubby and I have been crunching the numbers to see if there was any way I could be more flexible with my working arrangements. And it turned out that I could.

I have left now my employment and am officially self employed. Doing what you might ask? Well I have my own Phoenix Trading business which I am really enjoying. I have lots of plans to develop it! I have also registered as a mystery shopper with a number of companies which offers a fun way to earn some extra pennies. Plus there is this blog which has already provided me with many fab opportunities and I am hoping there are more to come. I have about a million other ideas for earning extra cash, some of which I will be developing over the coming months (and sharing here!).

Pumpkin has settled really well at nursery and gets some fantastic opportunities that she would not get at home. I also believe that as  an only child its important for her to mix with other children. So we have decided to change from 2 days a week at nursery to one. Plus her Thursdays with Grandma will continue which gives me 2 days a week to focus on earning. I am really looking forward to having the extra day each week with my baby girl, plus she can have a shorter day at nursery (picking her up at 4.30 rather than 6).

Is it scary? Yes. Do we have less financial security now? Yes. Is it the right thing to do for our family? Yes definitely.

Cartoonito Competition – Win Fireman Sam DVDs

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The 2 lucky winners are Sarah Anguish and Tracy K Nixon.

Pumpkin’s first birthday is just around the corner and as it approaches so does the date that I will return to work. She has already started her settling in sessions at nursery (she is coping a lot better than I am!) and in a couple of weeks she will start her 2 days per week there.

I’m very aware of the high costs of childcare, especially for young children. Its a big hit on my part time salary. Thats why I am so excited to let you know about a fab competition being run by Cartoonito!

Cartoonito is offering parents who join their Facebook community the chance to win an entire year’s worth of FREE childcare! All you need to do is ‘like’ the Facebook page and answer one question to stand the chance of winning. Hurry as the competition closes on 31st October.

Visit to share parenting tips and funny stories, pictures and ideas to help keep the little ones entertained, as well as enter the competition.

Cartoonito is broadcast on Sky 619 and Virgin 760 between 6am and 7pm everyday. Its mix of live action and animated content encourages little ones to learn about the world around them in a fun and interactive way. Fireman Sam, Care Bears and Bananas in Pyjamas are just a handful of the popular shows offering big fun for little ones at Cartoonito

To celebrate the launch of the Cartoonito Parents Facebook page, Cartoonito has given me two classic Fireman Sam DVDS – Helicopter Heroes and Ready for Action to giveaway.

To enter complete one or more of the following. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

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The competition closes on 31st October at midnight.


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