Monday Munchies 26/03/12

I’m just back from my first weigh in at Weight Watchers. Last week was a week of two halves to use the football cliche! Monday to Friday I did really well, sticking to my meal plan and eating sensibly and within my Pro Points. Saturday and Sunday I didn’t!

I blame the weather, long days out and lack of planning! On Saturday we were lucky enough to be invited to the press launch of Magma, the new ride at Paulton’s Park.

Paulton’s Park is also home to Peppa Pig World and we had a fab but long day in the park (much more on this to come later in the week!). We left home at 8.30 in the morning and stopped for breakfast at Morrisons half way into our 2.5 hour journey. Lunch at the park was chips, and tea was at a Little Chef on the way home (more chips – oops!!). Plus there was icecream and cake through the day!

On Sunday we had a quieter family day but still found time for a cooked breakfast out, icecream and cake. Hmm I see a pattern forming! 🙂

At weigh in this morning I was really pleased to still see a loss despite all this – 1.5lbs off! Ok its not great for a first week but after realising what I’d eaten at the weekend it seemed like a lucky escape. Lesson learned for this week – planning is key 🙂

This week I want to focus on planning my weekends better, and upping my water intake, especially with the warmer weather.

My meal plan for this week is another simple one, I hope!

Monday – Chicken Caesar Salad

Tuesday – Fishcakes, potato wedges and veg

Wednesday – Breakfast for tea (sausages, bacon, scrambled egg, beans, tomato and mushrooms!)

Thursday – Meatballs, pasta, tomato sauce

Friday – Chicken curry

Saturday – Maybe homemade pizza?

Sunday – Possibly a roast depending on the weather.

Fingers crossed for a good week! I always find it easier to eat well when the sun is shining so hopefully the lovely weather will last!

Want to join in Meal Planning Monday?  Pop over to At Home with Mrs M.

Monday Munchies – The One Where I Join Weight Watchers

Last week I joined in with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday and it worked really well for me! We ate what we planned on each night and I loved not having to think about what to cook each day as I’d already decided it! So I’m going to carry on meal planning and posting here each week! Monday is my food shopping day too so it all seems to fit together nicely.

Today I decided to go along and join a local Weight Watchers class. Its something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’m feeling really positive about it. I’ve lost weight with Weight Watchers before so I know I can make it work. I’ve reached that point where its not just a bit of excess weight, but its getting in the way of my life and I feel unhealthy. I plan to give a quick update on my progress each week in this post too. Hopefully knowing people will see this will keep me accountable!

Here is my plan for this week…

Monday – Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday – Cod, home made chips and peas

Wednesday – Chicken Casserole

Thursday – Pork steaks, dry roast potatoes and veg

Friday – Pasta bake

Saturday – Out for the day including tea!

Sunday – If we are at home, roast chicken

This plan has a bigger emphasis on cooking rather than relying on store bought conveniences (oops!) so home made chips rather than from the freezer. I also want to get our veg intake up a bit too as its slipped lately.

Want to join in Meal Planning Monday?  Pop over to At Home with Mrs M.

Meal Planning Monday 12/03/12

Making a meal plan (and sticking to it 80%!) is one of my top tips for saving money on food, and saving your sanity at 4pm each evening!

This week I have decided to join in with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday.

Meal Planning Monday

This week is a slightly odd one as Daddy is away Wednesday to Friday and Pumpkin and I are having tea with Grandma on Thursday.

Monday – Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday – Cold chicken, home made chips, coleslaw

Wednesday – Salmon, new potatoes, veg

Thursday – Dinner at Grandma’s

Friday – Something from the freezer for me (hubby is away and Pumpkin eats at nursery)

Saturday – Maybe a curry?

Sunday – Mothers Day – no cooking here!

So all in all a fairly easy week for us. Want to join in Meal Planning Monday?  Pop over to At Home with Mrs M.

Back to Work Plan

As I mentioned in Pumpkin’s Birthday letter I will soon be returning to my day job. After almost 14 fun filled months with my baby girl I will be back in the office 3 days per week. I’m not 100% sure what role I am going back to. Its a newly created post so there is a lot of uncertainty about exactly what the role will entail. I will have a new manager too which I am very excited about as it feels like a great opportunity to start fresh.

In preparation for this Pumpkin has now started nursery. She’ll be there 2 days per week while Grandma looks after her on the third day. So far she is loving nursery and they seem to fill her days with so much fun and food that she is exhausted when she gets home!

The part I can’t get my head around is the new routine we will need to fall into. Leaving the house at 8am 3 mornings per week sounds like a mammoth task! Remembering all the bits we need for nursery and work will be interesting (I’ve already had one incident where I dropped Pumpkin at nursery and drove across town only to find her beloved Bunny on the backseat – oops!).

So to give me a fighting chance of being able to cope with this new routine, the next 3 weeks are entitled ‘Operation Back to Work’! The objectives are;

  1. Get the house organised, clean, tidy and uncluttered so housework becomes easier and faster and the spare room doesn’t make me want to cry every time I open the door!
  2. Think food! I plan to come up with a workable meal plan for my first month back at work which is tasty, achievable and affordable (and doesn’t include having the local chinese on speed dial!). I also plan to batch cook some favourites to keep in for busy work days.
  3. Sell Sell Sell. Ties in with the de-cluttering above. I have loads of bits I’ve been meaning to sell for ages and now is the time to do it!
  4. Get organised for Christmas. Uh-oh I said it! I think December will fly by so to avoid a Christmas panic I want to shop as much as I can before I get back to work.
  5. Household Plan. I know from experience that I can get overwhelmed when the housework builds up so I intend to make a weekly household plan so that it is broken down into manageable chunks and scheduled through the week.
Do you have any tips managing the household after returning to work? 
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