To Keep or Not to Keep?

What do you do with your children’s clothes when they don’t fit any more?

I’ve been puzzling for some time with what to do with Pumpkin’s clothes as she grows out of them. I’m a recovering hoarder (well sort of recovering!) and have been trying to be strict with how much stuff we keep, only holding onto things that will definitely be used. But I can’t get my head around what to do with the baby clothes.

On one hand, it makes sense to keep them for another (fingers crossed) baby one day. Then I would have tonnes of clothes for them and could almost get by without buying anything else. If I sold them now, would I end up re-buying them later on, and losing out financially?

On the other hand, if we do have another child, it might not be another girl. It might be born in a different season, it might have a different shape and colouring. All those bright pink snow suits in newborn sizes might not prove very useful for a baby boy born in July!

This was the logic that lead me to spend 2 hours photographing newborn baby clothes last week, with the intention of listing them on a local Facebook Selling page. But as I sat thinking about pricing them, I found that I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it! So for now, I’m lugging huge laundry bags full of tiny girlie clothing up to the loft to hold onto for a couple of years.

The thing is, will I be able to bring myself to get rid when the excuse ‘I might need them again’ is gone?

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