Five Things That Make Me Happy

When I saw the new meme that Danielle had started last week on her blog I decided to jump right in and join in myself!

First I have to tell you five things that make me happy, and then tag some other lovely bloggers too!

1. Weekends.

Now that we are a family, we cherish our weekends. Daddy works Monday to Friday and Pumpkin is at nursery/Grandma’s 3 days per week so the weekend is when we all get to spend time together, go on days out and generally have fun!

2. Washing on the line

For some reason, the sight of washing dancing on the line in my garden always makes me smile! For starters it must mean the weather is ok, maybe a bit blowy but still dry. It also allows me to feel somewhat like a Domestic Goddess. Look at me – I got up this morning, put the washing in and now its on the line. Domestic chores – tick!

3. Getting Mail

No not bills and junk mail, a real letter in a hand written envelope! It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it makes my day!

4. My Kindle

I always have a book on the go. Often several! I was always very sceptical about the Kindle, but since I was given one for Christmas I am hooked! Its light to carry around, I can have as many books as I like with me and I can read really trashy chic lit in the coffee shop and no-one knows!

5. Blogging

A bit cheesy maybe, but blogging is becoming a big part of my life and something that makes me very happy! I am a fairly shy person in the real world and not many people know me well. I am guarded as I’m afraid of being judged. But here in my own little corner of cyberspace I can be me and that makes me smile!

Aww all that positivity has left me with a big smile on my face!  If you have read this and feel inspired to write your own list, consider yourself tagged!

Our first Library visit!

Last Friday Pumpkin and I had a bonus day together as she had only just recovered from a sickness bug and hadn’t quite been clear for 48 hours so couldn’t go to nursery. We thought we would make the most of it and do something we had been meaning to for a while – we went to the local Library.

Pumpkin loves books and so do most toddlers I know! We have a huge pile of books at home (some bought new, others from car boot sales, charity shops and gifts). But we still seem to get bored of our books. We read them so many times and then want to move onto the next! Borrowing from the library sounded like a great idea.

I checked out our local library website and saw that Friday afternoon was Under 5’s Story Time so off we went!

Pumpkin already had a library card of her own which we were given when we went to register her birth when she was 2 weeks old! It hadn’t been used though so when we arrived I asked the librarian about what Pumpkin could borrow. It turns out we can borrow up to 10 books on her card – that’s more than I could carry! Better still, there are no late fines on a children’s ticket so if we are a few days late with the books we won’t have to pay. And the lovely librarian assured me that they are well practiced at repairing books so not to worry if something got damaged in our care! How fab is that?

Pumpkin could not believe her eyes when she saw all the books on the shelves. I think she was a bit overwhelmed and was wondering how quickly she could pull them all off the shelves! I let her play while I selected some books for us to take home. I was really impressed by the selection.

Then it was Story Time. The librarian sat on the floor surrounded by cushions and beanbags and we sat down to listen as she read some library books to us. There was a range of stories and Pumpkin really enjoyed it, especially the audience participation bit! We lasted about 20 minutes of the 30 minute session which didn’t seem to bad for a 16 month old!

Our library has become super modern since I last visited and we were able to use the self service book check out system. Easy peasy and very quick!

The four books we borrowed have been read several times each day since Friday and Pumpkin loves to put them back into the canvas bag I have designated as our library bag! We will go back in a week or two and change them for another 4 books so she always has a changing supply of books. Of course there is no reason that we can’t borrow the same book again in a couple of months if she finds any favourites (I Won’t Bite by Rod Campbell springs to mind!).

I plan to build trips to the library into our schedule more often and hope that it will help to cement Pumpkins love of books and carry it on through her childhood.

Check out your local library for free events, information and a range of services (while I was there I managed to borrow an Energy Monitor for free as I saw a poster!).

Boot Sale Bargains – 27/2

Yesterday we headed over to a new local car boot sale which was walking distance from home. This was our first sale of the year and the gorgeous weather made it a really fun morning. My bargains were all for Pumpkin, here they are…

First off were these fab puzzles, all from one stall. I paid £4 for them and Pumpkin already loves the dinosaurs and the jungle animals. I’ll put the ELC box in the loft for a few months as its a bit advanced at the moment.

Next up was this set of 5 Wibbly Pig board books. Pumpkin likes to play with her books so much that she needs a constant new supply. She seems to like the illustrations in these – Mick Inkpen books are always a hit! £1.50 for 5.

We love these little board books which are just the right size for little hands. A set of Peppa Pig and a set of Thomas the Tank Engine for £2. Pumpkin read most of these in her pushchair as we walked around and they are always handy to keep in the change bag and in the car.

I noticed this set of play dough cutters as we were heading out. Not sure why I missed them the first time around! I paid £1 for a selection of cutters in this tub. Can’t wait to get the play dough going later in the year and play with these .

So that was my bargains for the day! I’m scoping out some local car boot sales with the aim to sell at one soon 🙂

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