Weekend of fun in the garden!

So this weekend has been filled with amazing weather and we have loved being out in the fresh air!

We’ve been working hard on the garden and it’s now a lovely space for us all to enjoy the summer.
 Both the children have loved chalking on the patio! The beauty of course is that the canvas can be washed clean each night, ready to create again the next day!

We picked this picnic bench up from IKEA on our last visit. It’s been a huge hit and we have loved eating our meals outside over the last week. And the bonus for Mummy is that there is no clearing up!!

I know, I know its the 12th of January so its far too late to share a Christmas photo….


….but guess what, I’m going to anyway!


These are my lovely children, The GirlĀ (5) and The Boy (15 months) in their matching Christmas onesies over the Christmas break.

We had a lovely, although busy break, travelling and catching up with family and friends. There was fun, laughter, food, drink and presents. And these two little monsters were at the centre of it all.

A very late Happy New Year to anyone reading!

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