A Little Recap…

As its been an age since I last blogged, I thought I’d take a moment for a little recap and take stock of life as it is now!

Little Miss is 5 years old, and 2/3 of the way through her reception year at school. She’s having a fantastic time, and loves her school, teacher and friends. She is still having speech therapy occasionally, and we are given exercises to go away and practice. She is a very confident little girl with lovely friends and is great company!  

Master L is 18 months old, and in every way a toddler now, no hint of a baby about him! He’s physically very confident – he loves to climb and will try and climb onto, into or ride anything he can get his hands on. They are both outdoor children, and love nothing more than playing in the garden! Now if we could just crack his sleeping problems (surely sleeping though the night on a regular basis isn’t too much to ask by 18 months?? 😉

I work from home, and run my own business around the family. This usually works amazingly well, but I need to get better at predicting the busy times and having strategies to cope. Master L goes to nursery one day a week, and hopefully we will go back to grandparents having him one day a week soon (it had to stop for a while). I really need to get a bit more organised with life – I feel like I’m forever chasing my tail and catching up – I’d like to feel that I was ahead of the game for a while!  

Watch this space for more on Slimming World, household organisation, decluttering, money saving and bullet journaling!

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