Back from Black

I’m sitting here, wondering what to share. Its been an age since I updated this little corner of the internet. I’ve thought many times that it would be easier to walk away than come back, but something always stopped me. I’ve been wondering what I want to write, what this blog should be about. But I think I have had a breakthrough. This blog has been through a few iterations, and this one ‘Hello From Jo’ is the first blog name which hasn’t referred to my kids or being a mum. And that is the focus of this blog. Its about me, and my life. My children are a huge part of that, but there is more to me.

I’ve been poorly since my beautiful baby boy was born 14 months ago. I’ve walked around with a dark cloud following me. Its not been there all the time, and there have been huge highs, fun times and happiness. But the lows are low. I feel like I have lost sight of who I am. What I want. What will make me happy. The mum I want to be. The wife. The friend.

It starts here.

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