The Reason For My Silence…

I think of my blog as a place to share nice things. Days out, cute photos, fun activities we have tried and adventures of everyday life. So when life gets tricky, the urge to write stops. That has been the case on and off over the last 18 months, life got tricky and I didn’t feel I wanted to share the details. The truth is, that we were trying for a second child – and nature was fighting against us. We suffered from what my GP described as Recurrent Miscarriage. I may talk about it in more detail soon, but not today.

Because today we are celebrating. This week we went for a 12 week scan and are delighted to announce that we are expecting a baby in September!

So 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty big year, with a new baby and The Big Move. And I’m looking forward to blogging my way through it all!


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