Bonfire Night…. not for me!

Today,  is Bonfire Night but I have to be honest, we haven’t really done anything to celebrate this year. Hubby is away working, the local display got postponed until next weekend due to high winds, and both L and I have been ill for a couple of days!

I don’t really think of Bonfire Night as a great time for toddlers. But maybe I’m missing a trick? To be honest, the combination of cold (and often wet) weather, being out after dark and loud noises isn’t really something that appeals with a 2 (I mean 3) year old! I guess if we had been feeling fine we would have tried some crafts or cooking (I like the idea of pretzel sparklers!) but not this time.

We have tried to take L to see fireworks once before. Some friends were having some at home just after L had turned 1, and there were about 6 other families with little ones the same age. We had all brought some fireworks with us, but at the start our friends had lit some that they had left over from a big display they were having at work. They were really enormous professional type fireworks and went off with such a loud bang that the children were instantly terrified and all crying and screaming! So the evening continued with the men outside watching fireworks, and the mums indoors calming the children! Maybe thats why I’m in no rush to repeat it….


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One thought on “Bonfire Night…. not for me!

  1. Hope you and L are feeling lots better, there are so many illnesses doing the rounds at the moment!

    We are going to attempt the firework display on Friday, if it finally goes ahead. We had a mini display at my parents last weekend and R loved them so hopefully he will like the bigger fireworks too!

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