Washingpool Farm Shop with Ice

Last Friday I was delighted to be invited to Washingpool Farm Shop with Tots 100 to find out a bit more about Ice. I wrote about using Ice when shopping online last week, but I didn’t understand how it worked in local farm shops until Friday!

Little Lady and I headed off in the car on Friday afternoon and drove over to Washingpool Farm Shop near Bridport. When we arrived we were treated to a lovely tea party complete with freshly baked cakes and cups of tea. While we ate (and ate) and drank we were able to find out a lot more about the Ice Loyalty scheme and how it works. We discovered that if you want to use Ice at these shops you need to pick up an Ice card (these were readily available at the shop) and then hand it over when you shop to get your points. You can then spend points in the same way, by handing over the card at the till. I was able to get a lovely selection of farm shop veggies and cakes with my points.

This is what makes Ice unique among loyalty schemes. The fact that it can be used in these small retailers is a fantastic plus. It helps bring customers to smaller local businesses which is a brilliant thing. We love to support local farm shops and the quality of the food you can buy is so much better than the supermarkets.

To find local retailers in your area you can visit this page on the Ice website and put in your postcode to find out what is in your area. We also heard a lot about Ice’s environmental slant. All the companies that Ice works with are selected for their environmental credentials. So by shopping with Ice you know you are supporting green companies.

Thank you to Ice, Tots 100 and Washingpool Farm Shop for a lovely afternoon 🙂

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