Getting the Hang of Motherhood, Research by Munchkin

It’s hard to believe that Pumpkin will be 2 in just 5 weeks time. Yes I know it’s a cliche but the time has flown! That means I’ve been a Mummy for almost 2 years. So shouldn’t I be pretty good at it by now?

When I was pregnant, I went to NCT antenatal classes, read countless books and magazines on pregnancy and parenting. I tried to prepare myself for the arrival of my little bundle and thought that I knew what being a Mummy would be about.

But then she arrived. And she didn’t play by the rules! I rapidly learnt that I couldn’t rely on books and magazines to tell me how to raise her. I felt alone and overwhelmed by the responsibility I had for this little person. It was a steep learning curve, and one I’m still climbing!

I question my decisions as a mum every day. So I wasn’t surprised to hear the results of a new survey from Munchkin which found that it takes up to two years
to get the hang of motherhood. Here is what they say;

Feeling overwhelmed, nervous and scared are the overriding emotions today’s parents feel when they’ve had a baby. In a new survey of 2,000 UK parents by Munchkin to celebrate the launch of the new Click Lock™ range of cups, the international baby brand polled parents and confirmed it can take them up to two years s to get to grips with parenthood, with 58% of mothers fearing they would never get to grips with it. It’s not just mum worrying about herself either, with two thirds stating it takes dad a long time to adjust to their new role.

Even before the birth over half of respondents said they felt scared and just under half felt nervous about the impending arrival showing that this worry for parents starts long before baby is born.

The report showed that nearly two thirds of mums said that they didn’t feel they could confide in anyone if they didn’t feel it had all clicked into place with the most popular response stating that they thought it was something that everyone felt and they didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. If mums did turn to someone it was more than likely their own mum, with 5% asking their mother-in-law.

Top Ten things that mums felt had to be mastered before things clicked in to place
Being in a good routine
Knowing what to do when baby is crying
Not worried about dealing with baby in public
Not panicking when baby is poorly
Leaving the house with a spare change of clothes
Being able to change a nappy quickly
Having baby sleeping through the night
Leaving the house with milk/food and snacks
Always having a toy to entertain baby with
Being able to leave the house on time

But many parents admitted that their worry was a regret and that they should have enjoyed the experience more. Two thirds admitted they wished they has been more calm and relaxed and less worried.

Claire Rayner, Munchkin spokeswoman says “It’s expected that all new parents will feel emotional and overwhelmed after the birth of their child but it’s surprising that it takes up to 2 years for mums to feel that everything had clicked into place.

“It seems that mums feel that they need to have a number of tools in place before they feel fully confident in their role as a parent.”

“At Munchkin we develop products to make life easier for parents and our new range of Click Lock™ cups have a clear audible click when the cup is sealed so that on top of everything else mums have to worry about, spillages and leakage from our cups isn’t one of them.”

Sometimes things in life just click and this is never more true than with the brand new Click Lock™ Cup range from Munchkin! With over 20 years experience, Munchkin, the award-winning international baby brand , is thrilled to launch the brand new Click Lock™ cup range, one of the most innovative and exciting range of cups parents will find on the market today.

The Click Lock™ range features ‘ click’ to lock technology providing a leak proof guarantee, , so drop, throw or tip upside down, no liquid will come out. The cups could not be simpler to use, simply turn the lid until it ‘clicks’ in to place providing parents with an auditory reassurance that the cup is completely sealed. What’s more, the range, just like all Munchkin products, is fun, vibrant and practical, making parents lives that little bit easier .The Click Lock™ cup range starts at £3.99 and for more information log on to

Parents worldwide are choosing Munchkin products because they really do excite and delight, making life easier for today’s busy parents, and having sold over 55 million cups worldwide to date Munchkin know what makes a good cup!

Each item from Munchkin has been designed to excite and delight children whilst making parents lives easier and more enjoyable. The full collection includes a range of colourful and clever bathing, feeding and hygiene products. To see more of the fantastic range and for full stockist details log on to:

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