Poundland Back to School Blogger Challenge

Luckily for me I have a couple of years to go until Pumpkin is old enough for school so I’m avoiding the whole Back to School panic for now. So when I was contacted by Poundland to see if I wanted to take part in their Back to School Blogger Challenge I passed the opportunity onto someone who I knew would benefit, my sister and niece E, aged 7.

They were given a £10 voucher to spend in Poundland and the instruction to see how much they could buy for E’s first day back at school. I’ll hand over to my sister to report back on their shopping trip.

E was excited about the challenge of getting everything we needed in one shop and so was I – no traipsing around all the shops working out where to get the best value. Poundland won that without a doubt.

I was shocked to find a whole Back to School range with a lot more choice than I had expected – and the range of stationery on 2 items for £1? Brilliant.  

The value was amazing although I did have to swap a few bits when I realised the Home and Office range had even more to offer for the money.

E has already filled the 2 cute pencil cases (one with normal everyday bits and one one with colouring pens and pencils) and has been putting things to the test. 

We have found no faults at all with any of the bits and the zips on the pencil cases are strong. E is looking forward to learning how to use the bits in the mathematics set and of course showing off her new lunchbox and bottle as lunchtime is her favourite time of the school day!


And here is a look at the fabulous haul they picked up for just £10.

Its an impressive list!

    • 2 x pencil cases (2 for £1)
    • 2 rulers (2 for £1)
    • 10 hb pencils (2 for £1)
    • 10 colouring pencils (2 for £1)
    • 15 felt tip pens (2 for £1)
    • 6 piece stationery set (2 for £1)
    • 7 piece maths set (2 for £1)
    • 6 piece study box in a handy case (2 for £1)
    • 4 reporters notebooks
    • A4 writing pad (2 for £1)
    • Maths revision book
    • 2 drinks bottles
    • Lunchbox
    • 9 boxes of organic raisins as a healthy snack for the school day
Well done both of you! The Back to School range is in Poundland stores now.

Disclosure: We were sent a £10 voucher to spend in Poundland. All opinions are honest and no payment was received for this post.
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