Magpie Monday 9th July

We’re hoping to move to our new house in the next month or so and in preparation I’m spending as much time as I can in our new town. I love exploring and visiting the local shops and businesses to see what’s on offer on our new doorstep!

This week I was able to spend a couple of hours in town with neither a toddler or a pushchair slowing me down! So I took the opportunity to search the charity ships for bargains and this is what I found!


There was a huge stack of cross stitch books which had just come in that morning. I loved these two which contain patterns for kids favourite characters. I’m planning on sewing a couple to frame for Pumpkin’s new bedroom wall and some other projects too! I paid £2.50 each for the books.
Love the Mr Men characters, and these would be quite quick to sew as they are mainly one colour.

The ‘My Book’ pattern without the wording would make a cute pic for a toddlers room. She loves the Usborne books so I think this would go down well!


And finally, a couple of books for Pumpkin! The Funnybones book is one I remember from my childhood, and although I thought it would be too old for Pumpkin at the moment she demanded we read it to her as soon as she saw it! And the Usborne book is to add to her growing collection. The kids books were 50p each.

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4 thoughts on “Magpie Monday 9th July

    • Thanks Liz, am so excited to have a new town to explore!! Cross-stitch isn’t too difficult. Start with a simple kit and its quite simple when you’ve worked out how to read the pattern!

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