The Pickling Hour

Pickle [in singular] British informaldated used as an affectionate form of address to a mischievous child (source: Oxford Dictionaries).

Each evening, just after tea but before bath time, our house falls under the spell of the Pickling Hour. No matter what mood Pumpkin has been in all day, or how tired or not she may be, around 6.30 each evening she becomes a Pickle.

That’s our description of the mood she finds herself in. She is mischievous, cheeky, sometimes naughty. But all with a massive smile on her face and a glint in her eye!

Can I let you into a little secret? Its my favourite time of day! I love watching her look around the room for the next thing to entertain her. Its the point in the day when she doesn’t want to play with blocks any more, but emptying them all on the floor sounds fun. Books are no longer for reading, but for spreading across the lounge. Drawers and cupboards that she shows no interest in all day get opened and she looks at us from the corner of her eye to see what our reaction is!

In fact, in this mood, its quite difficult to upset her. A stern “No” just gets a grin and she moves onto the next thing. Pickling away until bath time.

In fact, the pickling hour lasts until the second she gets in the bath. Maybe the water is an antidote to it somehow! Running the bath is a messy affair as it is apparently the most fun to stick your hand under the running (cold) bath tap so that water sprays across the room!

I think that the reason I love this time of day the best is that its our last chance to have some fun before bed. Its a great chance to forget how busy our day has been, and any stresses that might have happened, and to make sure our day ends on a happy note.

This post was inspired by the Britmums Blogging Prompt ‘Your Favourite Time of Day

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