Operation Buy My House!

When Daddy and I bought our first house in 2005 we were really excited. We had thought that buying a house was beyond us for a number of years and it took some good fortune for us to be in the right place at the right time to buy this house. Its a modern 3 bedroom house in a nice new development on the outskirts of our town. But its not the house I want to be our family home.

Now that we are a family of 3 (and would like at least another one day), we have decided that the time is right to move house. I’ve been looking at houses on the internet for a few days and have so many possibilities in mind! But the first thing we need to do is to put our house on the market.

The problem is, that things have got a bit messy and disorganised around here lately! We need to get the house into a viewable state asap. I work best to a deadline so I have arranged for the first estate agent to value the house on the 12th April – that’s under two weeks away! So I thought I would shame myself by showing you some of our problem areas and then I can show you how I’ve got them under control!

I’ve already tackled one problem area this morning! We come and go through the back door and have always had a pile of shoes by the back door – really messy and a trip hazard!

They are also really tempting for Pumpkin to play with and she likes to place them all over the kitchen and lounge! (This picture is after they have been tidied so doesn’t show the true horror 🙂 ).


One quick trip to the shops later and I have a new storage solution.


These two boxes cost £15 each and each hold about 6 pairs of shoes. I’m also chucking in umbrellas and any other odds and ends we have by the back door. I think its a huge improvement – don;’t know why we didn’t do it years ago!

Now I’m posting a couple of pics to shame me into action! The next two things on my to do list are the fridge and the bookcase in the study.








Oops! Off now to get these decluttered and tidy!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has an untidy house? Operation Buy My House is underway!

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