What Motherhood Means to Me

So yesterday was of course Mother’s Day and I had a lovely day with Pumpkin, Daddy and my in-laws. Pumpkin and Daddy bought me a lovely mug with Pumpkin’s hand print on, chocolates and flowers. I felt very special and loved by them both.

I was tagged by @zooarchaeologis to take answer some questions about what Motherhood means to me, so how could I resist?

Describe motherhood in three words
Challenging, rewarding and surprising

Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How?
That’s a great question! I was roughly the same age when I had Pumpkin as my mum was when she had me. The first child for both of us was a girl (she went onto have a second girl, we plan a second but not just yet!). I think that the biggest differences I can see are down to the modern world. I remember that we would only go out for meals for special occasions, and almost always to the Beefeater for steak. Pumpkin goes out for a meal probably once per week. We have coffee out a couple of times a week. Pumpkin has more days out than I would have at that age and at the tender age of 16 months has already had about 4 holidays!

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?
It truly is a 24/7 job. I often struggle to balance Pumpkin’s needs with doing what needs to be done! And the lack of a manual for raising children means I spend a lot of time questioning my decisions!

What’s the best thing?
Watching a person develop from a small baby. At 16 months, she is changing every day and watching her learn and begin to speak is just magical.

How has it changed you?
I think of myself as a recovering control freak! Children are great at showing you that you can’t be in control of everything and sometimes you have to let things happen and just roll with it. That makes me a more relaxed and happier person (well that’s the plan anyway!).

What do you hope for your children?
To be happy, healthy and confident individuals. I want her to have the courage to follow her dreams and I hope she remembers her childhood fondly.

What do you fear for them?
I try not to think about the bad stuff. Obviously I fear illness. Sometimes I stop and think what the world will be like when my children are adults and that is quite scary.

What makes it all worthwhile?
Giggles, cuddles and kisses.

If you want to do your own Motherhood post, consider yourself tagged 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What Motherhood Means to Me

  1. I loved reading this too – I am really enjoying discovering mummy bloggers who can share their stories and advice. I am looking for help on money saving as a parent….. so any help would be much appreciated. One great site I have come across is mumandbabyonline.co.uk – if you have any others you can share please let me know! Thanks mummies and daddies everywhere!

  2. lovely post, I think parents never stop questioning what they are doing, and it is a really difficult 24/7 job but the magical benefits of witnessing a child grow from a tiny helpless baby into a independant person is amazing x

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