A miserable week

Oh what a week its been.

Pumpkin has been poorly since last Friday and is only today showing signs of recovery. Poor little thing has been very unlucky as she got a really nasty cold and cough alongside chest and ear infections. My usually independent, bossy, spirited little miss was reduced to a crying, clingy, sleepy little thing. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst days as she pretty much slept the whole day on my lap. I was reminded of what it was like to have a newborn as I was pinned to the sofa watching Disney films to pass the time (Beauty and the Beast and Lilo and Stitch as you ask!).

Up until now we have been really lucky as Pumpkin has only had a few mild colds and a bout of conjunctivitis. So she hasn’t really been ill before and it was quite a shock for hubby and I to see her so unwell. We really missed our little trouble maker!

But she is on the mend now and will hopefully be back at nursery on Monday.

This weekend will be a catch up weekend as I’ve done no housework or washing all week. My household appliances will get a good workout!

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