HiPP Stage 1 Weaning Review

Our lovely friends at HiPP sent us a range of their Stage 1 foods to review. We decided to keep some for ourselves and send some to our guest reviewer to try. Here is what we thought.


HiPP has a good range of first cereals and the ones we tried went down well. Pumpkin will still eat these for breakfast occasionally with some raisins, grated apple or mashed banana mixed in to add texture.

Our guest reviewer also enjoyed the fact that the consistency can be changed by adding different amounts of milk which is helpful in early weaning.

Fruit Pots

Pumpkin has always loved fruit pots and I found them fab through the weaning process. Although I tried to make my own baby food as much as I could, fruit was something I often bought. There was much more variety available than I would have made myself. Take this Apple, Peach and Mango  for example. I wouldn’t have put this combination together myself but Pumpkin loves it for dessert.


HiPP pouches offer extra convenience when you are out and about with baby. The lid is resealable which is fab when you are on the move, and each pouch offers up to 2 of baby’s 5 a day. Our stage 1 mum loved the convenience of these.

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