Do you research your Christmas buys?

How long do you spend researching your Christmas shopping before you buy? According to a survey carried out by Poundland, 40% of consumers will spend at least 10 hours in December looking for Christmas bargains, before they commit and buy a product. This time will be spent purely on research to make sure they are getting the best possible price. What a savvy lot of shoppers we are!

The research goes onto look at household and grocery shopping and found that five out of 10 shoppers visit at least three different stores each week for their essentials. The same number said that before the recession hit they were more likely to be loyal to a brand or shop. Now, getting the best deal overtook loyalty.

Jim McCarthy, CEO at Poundland comments: “It’s clear that when shoppers feel squeezed, brand loyalty becomes less important than getting the best price. Supermarkets change their offers all the time; it leaves consumers confused and pushes them to shop around before making a purchase. By contrast, with one single price point, shoppers can be savvy and budget as they fill their basket, making it easier to work out whether they’re getting a bargain. There’ll also be no shock with the final price of their basket at the till point.”

Take a look at these price comparisons to see some of the bargains on offer at Poundland.

A couple of weeks back I tweeted about some bargains I’d found in a new 99p shop in town. Before that I hadn’t really considered buying groceries from these discount retailers, but it was a real eye opener! I spent £5.94 on groceries that I normally buy in the supermarket which would usually cost me over £11. Having seen the bargains on offer in Poundland, I will be paying a visit next time I’m in town to see what I can save.

The beauty of these shops is that the fixed pricing means you can easily keep track of what you are spending as you fill your basket. Of course, you always need to do your research and make sure that you are getting a bargain. There are really good deals to be had but there are also things which might be cheaper in the supermarkets. I’ve just started keeping a price book which allows me to see the best price I can get a certain item for. This means that I can look up Pumpkin’s favourite Ambrosia Rice Pudding 4 pack of snack pots and see that they are £1.49 in Tesco so the ones in Poundland are worth stocking up on!

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