Benefits Of A Modern Tumble Dryer

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A few months before Pumpkin came along, we invested in a tumble dryer and it was one of the best investments we made. Yes in an ideal world I would dry all my washing on the line but the British weather isn’t really designed for that in winter! I do try to dry washing over radiators in winter but the amount of washing that a baby or toddler generates is amazing – I’d run out of room! The lovely people at Appliances Online have written a fab article about modern tumble dryers that I am pleased to host here.

Traditionally, tumble dryers have a reputation for being basic, noisy and inefficient appliances. However, more recently, some of the top brands have introduced much quieter, more efficient models to the market, which are jam packed with programmes and features.

Below you’ll find the benefits of some of our most technologically advanced tumble dryers. It’ll help give you an insight into just how far tumble drying technology has come. Forget about those loud, money draining appliances from yesteryear and focus on these beauties.

1) If you are never quite sure how long to set the timer for on your tumble dryer, or you’re worried about the amount of energy they waste, then take a look at the Beko DRCS68W condenser tumble dryer. It offers a choice of 11 programmes and, more importantly, 7 sensor drying options for you to choose from.

Sensor drying takes the guesswork out of doing your laundry as it allows you to select the level of dryness you require. The advantages of using sensor drying instead of traditional timed drying are that it saves you energy as it only uses the exact amount of power and heat required. It’ll therefore cost you less on your electricity bills and will help towards protecting the environment too. It also protects your clothes against over drying, which causes unnecessary stress on the fabrics.

The DRCS68W is the perfect appliance for smaller families or couples, with its 6kg drying load. It also benefits from a reverse drum action, to keep your clothes tangle free. You’ll find an automatic anti-creasing feature to rotate your clothes every minute after the cycle has finished if you’re unable to remove them right away, so you’ll never have to worry about creased up clothes again!

2) The Hotpoint TC5M80P tumble dryer is affordable, effortless to use and offers value for money each time you use it. As this is a condenser dryer, there’s no need for a vent or for it to be positioned near an external wall. This means you have ultimate flexibility as this dryer can be placed anywhere in your home. It comes with a 5 litre reservoir container which collects the expelled water from each drying cycle. You will have to empty this, but it’s made really simple for you as it has an empty water indicator to let you know when this needs to be done.

A flexible range of drying temperatures means this model can easily accommodate different fabrics that require different temperatures. Everything from t-shirts to underwear can be effectively dried and having the ability to vary the temperatures gives you total control and stops you from ever ruining your favourite jumper.

3) The Hotpoint Aquarius TVM570P tumble dryer is the best way to dry your clothes exactly how you want them. It comes complete with easy to set programmes to ensure you always get the best results and special features to prevent creasing. There is a reverse tumble action which means that the drum can spin in both directions, so your clothes don’t come out of the dryer in a tangled knot. There are also high and low heat settings for your delicate items and it gives you the power to select the dryness of your laundry too. Impressive.

This model also comes with the added bonus of a Refresh Final Cool Tumble, to protect your clothes and your hands. It reduces repeated stress on the fabrics and stops garments stretching as they are pulled out of the dryer. It will also cool the clothes so you can wear them straight out of the drum.

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