When I Was A Kid Wooden Baby Walker Review and Vlog!!

When Paul from When I Was A Kid offered to send us a toy to review we jumped at the chance! I love wooden toys for their classic look and durability so I was really excited to see what we would receive!

When the postman brought us the Wooden Baby Walker with Blocks, I couldn’t hide my delight! This is exactly the kind of classic toy that I could see Pumpkin getting many hours of fun from.

Usually I open new toys while Pumpkin is asleep so I can get all the fiddly assembly bits done easily. But hubby was so keen to get going with the walker that he decided to get it out and assemble it for her to play with right away. I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy it was to put together. Just a couple of screws to assemble the handle, and screw it onto the base, and away you go!

The walker itself is strong, sturdy but easy to push. Its weighty enough that Pumpkin can use it to help her stand. She loves walking up and down the lounge with it, grinning from ear to ear as she feels so clever! The wheels are smooth and she has tested it on both the lounge carpet and kitchen lino and both work well.

My favourite feature of this toy is the 24 wooden blocks. I love the bright colours and rounded corners. Pumpkin loves unpacking them, spreading them across the room, and the satisfying noise they make when you bang them together! As she gets older I am sure she will enjoy building with them (and hopefully packing them away again!).

I thought I would leave you with my first attempt at a Vlog. Click play to Pumpkin playing with the walker and me chatting about it (cringe alert!!).

The Wooden Baby Walker with Blocks is available from When I Was A Kid for Β£37.50

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9 thoughts on “When I Was A Kid Wooden Baby Walker Review and Vlog!!

  1. WOW… what a lovely review Jo and Pumpkin is clearly into it, the toy can grow with her because the blocks can be used for colour recognition as well as shapes and building…. love it – well done x

    • Thanks Paul! She loves it and its the first toy she goes for every morning. There are so many ways she can play with it as she grows. Makes it a great value toy πŸ™‚ x

  2. Awww Pumpkin is gorgeous! Looks like a lovely walker! I bought LO a plastic one when she was little, and although it was very good, is wasn’t *quite* weighty enough to hold her up, and it did occasionally roll away, sending her on her face πŸ™
    This looks lovely. Great that it also has wooden blocks…. what child doesn’t love those?!
    Well done on the Vlog… you did a great job!

    • Pumpkin has a plastic one which she was given but it doesn’t support her as well as the wooden one. She has a habit of trying to pull herself up on it and the plastic one topples over.
      Thanks for the comments on the vlog – I enjoyed it once I got over the initial nerves πŸ™‚ x

  3. Great review and I love the vlog, Pumpkin is a natural for the camera. I used to have a very similar brick trolley when I was little and I loved it for years, wish I still had it now for my little man. I love the bright colours and how sturdy the trolley is, too many tip up easily.

  4. What a great review – you were fab behind the camera! We had a similar walker when J was small and I used to get so frustrated trying to get the bricks back in the tray so they all fitted – yours looks like they are not too compacted so you can easily get them in and out πŸ™‚

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