Red and Green Chilly Peppers

Hmm, lame title I know but what better way to describe frozen peppers 🙂

My planning for Frugal Food June is continuing and one of my aims is to think smart to reduce waste. My Tesco delivery this week included a bag of Market Value mixed peppers. I forget exactly what I had planned for them when I ordered them, but lets just say they went into the fridge and got forgotten about for a while!

When I discovered them several days later they had just started to soften and go wrinkly around the edges (well aren’t we all??). I decided to rescue them freeze them as a building block for a future meal.

Frozen chopped peppers won’t defrost well, but are fine chucked into a stove top dish such as chilli, bolognaise or a stirfy.

First I sliced all the peppers into a little pepper mountain!

Then I put them all into a freezer baggie.

Close the seal, squeeze all the air out and make sure the pieces are in one layer to create a flat bag.

Chuck in the freezer and save for another day! Freezing in one layer means that the pieces of pepper won’t freeze into one solid lump and you will be able to pour a few out at a time.

So… waste prevented and mission accomplished! Will let you know what dishes these make their way into over the next few weeks…

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