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One of the clearest areas that we can save money in the Spend Less household is on food. Confession time… while I love to cook and actually think I’m not too bad at it, I rely too much on convenience foods which can really push the cost of shopping up. I also waste far too much food. I buy large packs of things as they are better value, and then don’t use them before they go off! Not very money saving…

So my next big project is to cut back on my grocery spending. I currently spend around £3o0 per month on supermarket shopping for food (eek!) and this is something that has to change. We are on holiday for half term week, so I am planning that June will be ‘Frugal Food Month’ in the Spend Less house.

I hope to cut my spending down to £200 which should be possible with some planning. This is for Spend Less Mummy, Daddy and Pumpkin’s weaning diet (her nappies, wipes etc come from a separate budget). I am sure that this amount could go lower, but a saving of £100 in a month is a good start!

In preparation for June, I have a couple of tasks to complete this week. Firstly, fridge / freezer /  and cupboard inventories so I know what I have to work with and eat up. And secondly, the start of a list of meals for the month, using these ingredients.

I will have lots of tips and updates to share with you through the month. Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “Spend Less on… food

  1. I’m doing the same thing! We spend about 85 euros a week on groceries, but often also go over it. My goal: try and halve it, but I will be happy with a 100 euros less monthly. I’m thinking of writing an ebook about it, as I haven’t come across any how-to’s without a mass of dairy and we’re dairy-free at the mo. Good luck!

  2. I am terrible with food – I throw so much away and tend to buy food as ‘I need it’ which is a really expensive way of doing it. I don’t have Children so I guess I have the flexibility to do it. My weakness is all things yummy which also happens to be the expensive stuff! Thanks for the article, lovely Monday morning read.

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