Sleeping Soundly (Now!)

Pumpkin is 6 months old and has just discovered the art of rolling over. After many failed attempts, and many hours of me sat holding her favourite toy just out of reach (or the sky remote, chocolate bar etc!) she managed to get from back to front. For a split second there was a look of pride on her face at her achievement. But then she remembered that she doesn’t like to be on her front…. and the crying started.

During the day this is not too much of a problem. Someone is always on hand to encourage her to roll back, or to move her to her back. The problem came when she started to do this at night! Pumpkin is normally a great sleeper, regularly managing 12 hour stints with not a peep all night (although she does take a while to settle sometimes – I don’t want you to think she is perfect!!).

As I put her down for bed after a bath and bottle, she started to thrash about and roll over – then cry as she wasn’t comfortable and she was too tired to roll back herself. This also happened in the middle of  the night when she would stir, roll over and wake herself up (and then us!).

I asked some friends for advice and was recommended to buy a sleep positioner – a contraption which holds the baby in place in their cot while they sleep. Now being a cheapskate (sorry I mean a Spend Less Mummy!!) I decided to find a cheaper way to achieve the same goal. A quick Google found me the answer.

How simple is this?

Just 2 rolled up towels, one either side of where the baby sleeps. This is enough to keep the baby in position and discourage them from rolling and moving around the cot. The towels are placed on the mattress, and then the sheet is fitted over the top.

Sorry, this stage doesn’t photograph very well. You may just be able to see the rolled up towels under the sheet. The result is a cosy space for baby to sleep, with shallow sloping sides which stop the baby from rolling over.

As you can see, Pumpkin approves!

Our evenings and nights have been much quieter since I added the positioner to the cot. It prevents Pumpkin from rolling over when she is falling asleep or in the middle of the night and means we are all getting a much better nights sleep!

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